Value Added Galvanizing Services

When it comes to galvanizing, V&S prides itself on having the experience to provide a range of value added services in a variety of industries. No matter the task, we’re committed to meeting your needs — and your deadline.

Transporting large truckloads of galvanized steel can be time-consuming and costly. With our in-house fleet of trucks, each of our V&S facilities can accommodate the transportation needs of your hot-dip galvanizing project.
Each V&S facility takes a hands-on approach to get your hot-dip galvanized steel to you exactly when you need it. Your V&S representative will work directly with you to create routine schedules or arrange individual pick-ups or deliveries to meet your needs.
At V&S, we provide custom packaging of your finished hot-dip galvanized steel to meet your specifications. We package as needed, utilizing our non-corrosive banding and proper wood dunnage to prevent any staining of your galvanized material. We then load per direction or delivery in time for the next crane lift.
When engineering and constructing a facility, it’s important to evaluate the anticipated structure life and how to meet those expectations with material selection and design considerations. We offer readily available, expert consulting services to partner with you for exceptional, long-lasting quality and the appropriate design per your specification.
V&S allows for tracking of your work pieces throughout the entire galvanizing process by providing the print of custom ID tags that don’t need to be removed for acid dips or zinc baths. V&S tags survive the complete galvanizing process for increased efficiency and safety.
MICROZINQ® is the V&S solution to protecting architecturally exposed structural steel. Not only will the steel be produced, but it will maintain the appearance of galvanized sheet metal while meeting ASTM standards, with more zinc than the G-60 or G-90 product.
Our exclusive DUROZINQ® galvanizing package includes; consulting services on product design, value-added feasibility studies to assure the most cost-effective way to protect your steel against corrosion. We offer round-trip delivery too, making your experience of galvanizing steel seamless from start to finish.